Wedding Photography can be quite challenging.  There are no retakes.  Everything occurs at that exact moment.  Yet I've grown to love it because the emotions captured are real. A voyeur, capturing beauty as I see it.  And I am continuously inspired by the incredible emotions I am privy to and enthralled by each and every bride I shoot.  I am amazed at how a relatively simple girl is transformed into a breathtaking bride on her wedding day. It's not the make up or the jewelry or the dress.  I think it's the realization that this is one of the most important days in her life, one that marks a transition into another phase in her life that transforms  her...and and I am humbled when she invites me into her life even if its just for a day to allow me photograph her and capture her the way I see her through my eyes.  For me, wedding photography is more than just art, its a privilege and one I'm honored to have.

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